Wednesday: Connection

I’ve finished the main story in Perks- all I have left is the epilogue. And even though I’ve read this before, the ending still hits me hard, so today I’m connecting it to my life. To keep it simple, Charlie has a mental breakdown because he realized that his Aunt Helen abused him when he was younger. Although I’ve never experienced abuse, the mental breakdown really gets to me. Charlie was feeling so much better before he realized al of his friends and sister were going off to college. He’d have no one. He was feeling too much, and I know that probably makes no sense, but I can describe it pretty much like your whole world is caving in on you. One of the reasons I’ve loved this book so much because of how real it is. Not only to my life, but to others I’ve talked to. It shows the true meaning of mental illness and recovery: all the good, bad, and ugly. Like I said, recovery isn’t linear and this book does a beautiful job of showing that.

Now for the epilogue 🙂


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